Feeling tight in your body?

learn to release tight muscles and fascia

Are you struggling with tightness and tension in your body?

It can be because of your posture, chronic stress, working from home and not moving enough, taking a break from yoga, you name it.

Did you know that you can change it and learn to release tightness, soreness, trigger points AND to feel more open in your body?

My name is Elena, and I’ve created a FREE MINI COURSE that I invite you to join. The simple exercises I'm about to share with you make it super easy to become your own best massage therapist.

We’ll be using a technique called Myofascial Release as well as deep targeted stretching. We’ll focus on your hips, shoulders, neck as well as upper and lower back.

All it takes is just 5-10 minutes a day.

As an extra treat for you, I’ve also prepared a restorative and tension-melting yoga nidra practice.

If you’re ready to start, just save your details below, and get your access right away.

I’ll see you inside!



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    Meet your teacher

    Hi! I'm Elena,

    I'm a yoga- and meditation teacher and teachers' educator living in Zurich, Switzerland.

    My passion is helping you attain a balanced body: healthy, movable, open and tension-free.

    I’ve been teaching yoga full time for over 15 years now, and learned that myofascial release techniques complement yoga practice perfectly.

    I’ve been working closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors to develop a method that combines yoga, myofascial release technique, therapeutic exercises and targeted stretches.

    I love seeing how effective it is when I teach it to my students. So far I’ve observed the effects in over a hundred retreats and thousands of classes.

    What my students say

    "Elena first introduced me to myofascial release during one of her incredible Swiss retreats in 2017. I immediately purchased a ball set and have used them almost daily ever since. As someone who spends most of her working hours seated at a desk, I often experience lower back and shoulder pain.

    I cannot emphasise enough the benefit of incorporating myofascial release into my practice".

    - Julia E., US

    "I always have my myofascial release balls at hand.

    Iuse them when I feel I’m about to get a headache, when I need to release tension in the body from the day, and even when my busy mind challenges me and I have too many thoughts.

    Even 5-10 minutes of myofascial release practice can be very helpful, as the pressure from the balls has an immediate effect. It is as if there is more space between the cells, more space to be in one’s own body. I relax better and afterwards it feels like I just had a massage. Myofascial release practice can even help with stiff neck and lower back issues. It’s pure self-care to spend just 5 minutes a day, it works right away! Lastly, I use myofascial release practices the day after training at the gym to help metabolize lactic acid from sore muscles. "

    - Susanne Gerlufsen, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Denmark

    "Thank you very much for the course! I am always very tight in my shoulders and back also in my arms and legs… everywhere actually hehe.. so i know how good it is for me to practice fascial release! And even after short sessions I feel how the tight spots get more spacious.I ordered your fascia balls in your online shop and I think they are super nice! Very much in love!:) "

    - Kyra E., Switzerland